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  • Testing

    AADMS conducts quality assured in-competition, out-of-competition, events and games testing

  • Management

    AADMS manages complete anti-doping programme for individuals, organizations and event organizers

  • Training

    AADMS organizes skilled training and education for sports fraternity and organizations.

  • Consultancy

    AADMS provides consultancy services to sports organizations and mega events to remain code compliant.

Anti-Doping Legal Aid     

AADMS provides comprehensive specialist anti-doping legal services to individuals and organizations. These services include preparation and presentation of legal cases to the Hearing Commission and Appellate Courts leading up to the International Court of Sports Arbitration (ICSA). Our panel of experts consists of Sports Medicine Doctors, Anti-Doping Experts, Scientists and Legal Experts and they jointly review the laboratory results at micro level before filing any legal case. AADMS share a belief in developing high quality, cost effective services which exceeds our client's best expectations.

Anti-Doping Review and Audits

The administration of anti-doping programs is a specialized field. AADMS is fully competent to review and audit the anti-doping programs of the National and International Federations and anti-doping organizations. We guide the organizations on Quality Concept which includes development of standard for doping control as per the requirement of concerned Sport Federation. Our Quality Concept involves the development, implementation and certification of quality systems for doping control in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000

Development of International Federation Anti-Doping Programs

AADMS develops and implements International Federation anti-doping program applicable to all member players and the National Federations. The programs developed by AADMS for International Federation(s) maintain the integrity of the sports and protect the health and rights of all players. Our programs maintain a common set of rules and procedures that applies across all levels of sport in compliance with the Code.

Anti-Doping Policies Development and Review

AADMS develops, implement and review the anti-doping policies of sports and anti-doping organizations to uphold the principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety. The policies enacted by AADMS protect Athletes’ fundamental right to participate in doping-free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for athletes worldwide, and to ensure harmonised, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs at the national and international levels with regard to detection, deterrence and prevention of doping.

Anti-Doping Investigations

AADMS conducts the investigation in a discreet and confidential manner where an investigation is required for further follow-up and determination of anti-doping rule violation(s). Such investigation(s) are conducted in accordance with the Code, relevant International Standards, relevant Federation and NADO/RADO Rules & Regulations, Privacy and Confidential Policy and the applicable Investigations Standard, as in force from time to time.


AADMS is committed to develop research in the field of anti-doping in sports and organizes workshops, conferences and clinics to augment research in the specialized field. AADMS collaborates with experts, scientists, ethicists, athletes, and representatives from the Olympic Movement, anti-doping organizations, sports organizations, research organizations, governments, private, public organizations and educational institutions around the globe to conduct, develop and improve anti-doping research projects.