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  • Testing

    AADMS conducts quality assured in-competition, out-of-competition, events and games testing

  • Management

    AADMS manages complete anti-doping programme for individuals, organizations and event organizers

  • Training

    AADMS organizes skilled training and education for sports fraternity and organizations.

  • Consultancy

    AADMS provides consultancy services to sports organizations and mega events to remain code compliant.

FAQ SEction

What is AADMS?

AADMS is a registered entity and works to preserve the spirit of sport and essence of Olympism and World Anti-Doping Code. AADMS provides professional and state of the art robust anti doping services to its clients to develop ethics, fair play and honesty in sports and to create awareness for health amongst sportspersons. AADMS contributes in the global fight against doping in sports in all its forms and offers proficient anti-doping services.

Which rules and regulations are followed by AADMS?

AADMS policy is to offer anti-doping services to its clients within the ambit of World Anti-Doping Code and its accompanying International Standards to maintain the spirit of fair play. AADMS also supports ethics in sport and youth development through sport. AADMS is against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic Movement and the World Anti-Doping Code.

What services are offered by AADMS?

AADMS is an independent organization free of all types of allegiances and manages the complete doping control programme in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, protocols and International Standards. AADMS plans, implements and monitors effective anti-doping programme for its clientele.

AADMS offers unparallel positive, pragmatic and professional expertise with world class efficiency, integrity and international standards. AADMS offers full package testing to its clientele including test distribution planning, notification of athletes, sample collection, security, post test administration, transport of sample, coordination with WADA accredited laboratories, TUE and result management. AADMS is proficient in conducting testing for both able bodied and para-athletes.

Do AADMS conduct staff development programme?

AADMS provides professional training needs of its clientele and programs for the recruitment, training and certification of anti doping personnel, as well as courses and seminars on various anti-doping topics. AADMS conducts informative awareness and education sessions and specialist training on current anti-doping policies and procedures.

What steps AADMS take to educate athletes?

AADMS with comprehensive expertise takes care of the client's entire doping control management, including education. AADMS develops preventive anti-doping education programs at the national and international level for its clients, aimed at promoting the practice of doping-free sport in accordance with ethical principles. AADMS develops tool kits to assist the clients with their anti-doping education needs.

Can Sports Federations/Sports Organizations rely on the services of AADMS?

AADMS always assures quality services to its clientele. AADMS staff designated for conduct testing is highly qualified with international expertise.

Whether AADMS also contribute in the development of anti-doping organizations?

AADMS does not charge any fee from deserving organizations. We support International Federations, National Federations, National Olympic Committees, Major Games Organizations, Sports Organizations and Anti-Doping Organizations to develop their anti doping programmes and to be Code Compliant.

Do AADMS offer services to sports event organizers?

AADMS offer its services to all sports event organizers at national or international levels. We do offer our services for major games, championships, leagues, world cups and tournaments.

How AADMS is unique from others?

AADMS recruits highly qualified operation staff after checking their antecedents and security clearance. Our operation staff is rigorously trained in conformity with the WADA guidelines. AADMS conducts In-Competition, Out-of-Competition, Major Games and Events testing only through accredited and internationally experienced operation staff. AADMS staff network is the largest and highly qualified as compared to other service providers.