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  • Testing

    AADMS conducts quality assured in-competition, out-of-competition, events and games testing

  • Management

    AADMS manages complete anti-doping programme for individuals, organizations and event organizers

  • Training

    AADMS organizes skilled training and education for sports fraternity and organizations.

  • Consultancy

    AADMS provides consultancy services to sports organizations and mega events to remain code compliant.

Our USP    

Our service extends to International Federations, National Federations, National Olympic Committees, Major Games Organizations, Sports Organizations and Anti-Doping Organizations. We offer optimum solution to all requirements of an organization to sustain the Code compliance status.

We believe in delivery of ethical, standardized, quality assured, focused services. Our USP is based upon “one-one” unique features.

  • 1. We do not charge any fee from deserving organizations and fully support International Federations, National Federations, National Olympic Committees, Major Games Organizations, Sports Organizations and Anti-Doping Organizations to develop their anti-doping programmes to sustain their Code Compliance.
  • 2. Anti-Doping Organizations/Sports Federations have vast jurisdiction on their registered athletes throughout the world, but cannot reach every nook and corner to test them unannounced and within short span of time with limited workforce; but AADMS is globally local.
  • 3. Collaboration of overseas and local officials makes confidentiality susceptible to leakage of information; our core team work independently without any third party collaboration to respect the secrecy and confidentiality of the mission.
  • 4. Language barrier is always a big hindrance for officials deployed from overseas to conduct anti-doping tests. Our professionals are fluent in different dialects and are fully accustomed with the local cultures and religions, and are competent to maintain the dignity of athletes selected for doping control testing.
  • 5. Overseas official find it difficult to locate the athletes residing in the interior parts of the country or in remote villages and areas. Whereas our professionals are situated at different locations, and are well acquainted with remote and far flung areas, we have access to even those areas where there is hardly any transportation to reach.
  • 6. AADMS is an independent entity, and free from any political, governmental, national and sports organizations influences. We work professionally on ethics and establish judicious communication only with our clientele.
  • 7. We work for our clientele in a customized manner, to the extent they need, but within the ambit of WADA Code. AADMS is in close proximity to the WADA accredited laboratory in India and hence works efficiently, cost effectively and on competitive price.
  • 8. AADMS has one of its offices at Patiala, India, the location of National Institute of Sports, where all national and international Indian athletes resides and receive their sports training. We are always available to implement your missions in India.
  • 9. AADMS is a strong group of highly qualified professionals including but not limited to medical doctors, professors, biotechnologists, microbiologists, physical educationists. Academically, our network professional are no less than post graduates and are fully trained to preserve the Paralympic Movement of the International Paralympic Committe.
  • 10. AADMS professionals have been selected and trained after adopting an exhaustive selection and training procedure enacted in compliance with the guidelines issued by WADA. Their services have been extensively used during in-competitions, out-of-competitions, international events and mega games. Our network professionals are updated regularly through Continue Education Programme (CEP).
  • 11. To maintain quality assurance and control, integrity and uncompromised ethical standards, all missions assigned to AADMS are closely monitored and checked personally by our learned core team having more than 20 years of vast experience in the field of anti-doping management at national and international levels.